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Can you breastfeed if you have cancer?

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I ask because my mother has a friend that is preg. She said she really wanted to breastfeed but won't be able to because she has cancer. AFAIK, she had cancer 6yrs ago, they declared her cancer-free, and now they found a cancerous "spot" on her ovary. They're not doing anything about while she's preg. My mother didn't get a chance to ask her if she has any idea how it'll be treated.

So I've been digging around the internet and can find *nothing* on nursing while you have cancer. Does anyone know if it's safe? Or does it depend on what stage cancer and what your treatment is? Obviously it wouldn't be safe if you're having chemo, but does anyone know if any other treatments are safe?

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Not nursing while you have cancer would really have nothing to do with the cancer itself and everything to do with the drugs they use to treat it. Chemo and radiation are both very toxic treatments and are designed to kill human cells. IT would depend on the actual treatment, but traditional cancer drugs aren't something to mess with.
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