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Can you EC a 22 month old or is it too late?

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I am conflicted on whether I am doing EC or Potty Learning. I did not do EC because I am a WOHM and my dh and Mom share daycare duty - and I did not believe these circumstances allowed me to EC (which I only learned about when ds was 5 months old).

I have a Baby Bjorn potty, and ds has been staying dry at night, but I don't think he knows what pee pee is yet. He also is quite comfortable with poopy in his diaper - but we can always tell when he is going, and ask him if he has made poopy and then change his diaper right away.

Anyway, should I start with naked time outside to teach him about what pee pee is? Any sugestions on how to start with a 22 month old?


Daniel 8/9/03
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We have been doing part-time EC since DS was about 5 mos old. He's 18 mos old now, and we did EC very successfully for about a month, catching all the poops in the potty and most of the pees, and this all happened just last month, and now he's happily peeing in his diaper again. He clearly knows when he's going, and sometimes he will sign to tell us. But I agree with you. At this point, I am not sure if we're still doing "EC" or if we're actually starting "potty learning". I think once your child is old enough to verbally communicate that they need to go, are going, or just went... then you've moved onto potty learning. Certainly there are a huge number of similarities between EC and potty learning, but I think of EC as more with younger babies that you wait and watch for their little signals that they're going (a grimace, a grunt, a distant far-off look...) and a potty learning child will actually tell you that they have to go. That's my understanding anyway, hope that helps.
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Hey, you have nothing to lose...however I would caution you to just be VERY POSITIVE. Don't force the issue at all if he's not into it. I try not to (but sometimes it is hard) when I know my DD (13 months now/we started at 11 months) has to have a BM. It is SOOOOO much easier and cleaner if we can catch it on the potty. Just start when he wakes up...let him see you and your partner use the bathroom and even let him go nakedy butt outside and announce it when he's peeing. If he's not into it now, don't fret. I guess just work on awareness with him. Good Luck!
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