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can you get your period, then nurse a lot so you don't get it anymore?

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just wondering... if I nurse more (much more) will my body release more prolactin so I won't ovulate & get my period? I could try anything really, I got PPAF today and I am not a happy mama!
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as far as i know, no. you do know that not having af pp yet is not a reliable method of bc, right?

a cosleeping, non-supplementing mama with af at *8 weeks*, suse
It would depend on your body. For some women the more they bf'd the longer AF stays away. I was like that with my first. With my next I was weaning her onto formula and at the time I presumed that was why AF came 2 weeks after lochia left, then 2wks later, then 3 wks later, then 2wks later, then I got pg. With my last I was bf'ing 12+ times a day/night but again I got AF 2wks after lochia left, then 2wks later, then 2-3 wks later, then 2 wks later then it disappeared for 6months, then I got it again 2-3 times a few wks apart then it disappeared for 4 months, then I quit bf'ing when she was 16months. Every time I increased the amount she nursed the more AF came, when I cut back it would disappear. It has now been 10months since I quit and AF's have been somewhat normal give or take a couple of days up until this last cycle when I had mid cycle bleeding again.
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My understanding is that, no, once it's back, it's back.

I had big supply issues with this baby before I started pumping. I was down to producing only about 10 ounces a day. AF came back shortly after that. I am now up to more than a full supply, and AF hasn't left again. I was hoping it might, but no such luck. With DD1, AF didn't come back for 8 months and I was thrilled.

I wonder about this too. I ebf my ds for the first 3-4 months with no af. Then we had to quit bfing in one day due to me falling ill for a few months and being away from him in the hospital. I had 3 days of very light bleeding when he was 6 months old. I relactated after that and have had no bleeding whatsover since then and breastfeeding is the only form of bc we've used and have not gotten pg, he is now 20 months old. So apparantly it worked for me, but it may not have been a true period.
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I wish that were the case for me. Once I got it back, it was back for good. And regular as usual too. I got it back at 7 months with dd and back at 5months with ds2.I got pg with ds2 after 3 cycles. We were NOT trying to have another. I do not remember when I got it back with my first.
i don't remember quite when AF returned (I think about 14 months), but I only had three periods before getting pregnant at about 22 months postpartem. There was at least two or three months between each period though, whereas I always had a classic 28 day cycle prior to DD.
I wish! We were bf'ing every 2-3 hours around the clock when I got the witch back. I want someone to tell me how I was able to grow a 20lb six month old while getting AF back at 4 months pp....?!

Originally Posted by JaneS
I wish! We were bf'ing every 2-3 hours around the clock when I got the witch back. I want someone to tell me how I was able to grow a 20lb six month old while getting AF back at 4 months pp....?!

I know! I hear women say they got AF right after they started nursing less, but it's been the same for us, I nurse A LOT during the day, pump about 10 extra oz. a day, and my son is about 19 lbs. at almost 4 months! bizarre, isn't it? why so some women get AF and some don't so soon?

Please reassure me that this does not affect my supply or breastfeeding relationship!
Weeell... in my experience it absolutely did not effect our relationship, but it did effect my supply for a few months until I started with the cal/mag. However, fenugreek and blessed thistle fixed me right up when I was having troubles.
I'm starting to think that breastfeeding just has no effect on some women, because my DD is a boobaholic (and has been since day one) and I've NEVER gone more than 29 days without a period since having her.
I had a light period at 8 months PP with my first. Then I didn't have a period the next month, then at 10 months post I had a regular one and they were regular after that.

I've talked to moms who got one visit from AF and then returned to none for a long time, but usually the one that they got wasn't the full one that they would normally get.
I was wondering about this too. I just got AF back last night after almost 9.5 months. I was hoping to go longer. Ds has always nursed at least 8 times a day since birth too.

A related question: Do these new hormones affect DS? He's been having trouble sleeping lately (when he nurses the most).
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