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I just took my hypnobabbies instructor training, I am so impressed and excited!
I so hope Mothering does an article on it. Her success rate is fantastic, and the training was SO complete and it made me feel so confident in doing this, I was able to easily answer a whole bunch of questions from my very skeptical sister.

To finish my training I have to interview professionals to come up with a references list for my clients and I'm a little nervous about that.
So I have two requests that would help me a lot:

One, can you help me by asking me questions either here or PMed about childbirth hypnosis and/or Hypnobabbies specifically so I can be more confident about the kind of questions I'll get when interviewing my references.

Two, I'm looking for reccomendations for those references. I am in Olympia and the only one in the instructor training that was between Seattle/Bremerton and Portland, so my clients could come from quite a range. three doulas as well as two of each of the following... pediatricians, OBs, midwives, lactation consultants, and the head of OB or Prenatal Education at two hospitals.

Also, my classmates in the training
came from Mulkitieo, Redmond, Kirkland, Bremerton, and Portland so if you've got any from those areas I can pass on to them I'm sure they'd like that too.
Thank you so much

[P.S. And I love the MDC community too. When I didn't have a babysitter for the first class, at the last minute, three people from the MDC offered to babysit. Wow! You guys are so great.]
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