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Hi mamas...I have a long history of IBS (although never fully diagnosed). I also had my gallbladder out last year and have had pain ever since. The week before last I got really sick. I had lots of pain and to make a long story short, my liver enzymes were over 500. (normal is like 30) Ok, so they sent me for an MRI to make sure I wasnt retaining any stones in any of the bile ducts.....nope, no stones, all clear. Ok, so now they are thinking I either have autoimmune hepatitis or some other autoimmune issue BECAUSE, I got back ANA Titers and here are the results

ANA Titer 1:160 homogeneous pattern
ANA Titer 1:160 Speckled pattern

My liver enzymes have come down my ALT is 175 and Gamma GT is 63, but they are wondering what made them go up in the first I have a fatty liver.

The GI dr. wants me to see a rheumatologist (I've had other autoimmune type symptoms for years, severe fatigue, depression, constantly sick, low immunity, etc)
She also wants me to do a colonoscopy/endoscopy which I just dont want to deal with. Oh and also an ERCP which is a pretty scary sounding procedure.
Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Any knowledge in this area? I'm really frustrated at trying to put the whole puzzle together but now that my liver is involved, i'm freaking out
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