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Sorry, this is complicated!<br><br>
We have the following:<br><br>
A toddler, a newborn due in three weeks.<br><br>
We sleep on mattresses on the floor: queen and twin. We could also use an extra twin mattress we have.<br><br>
Our room is long and thin, so I can line the head of the mattresses against a wall, but because of baseboard heaters, I can't line a side up. .<br><br>
Ideally, I'd put the queen (or twin) against the wall, and sleep w/ the baby on the wall, me, toddler, DH, but the room's not configured that way.<br><br>
How do I safely sleep the newborn? Is there a bedrail I could use on the floor to make the open edge safe for newborns? Do we need to get a frame and boxspring for the bed to fit a safety rail (or use our armsreach cosleeper as a rail- we did that with our son) SHould I invest in something to connect the cracks of two twin mattresses and make a king that I could turn against the wall? (that;s not my favorite option, as storage for the queen would be a hassle)
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