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can you help me with these symptoms?

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Lately I have been feeling like poo!
I had a wonderful healthy pregnancy... had a homebirth... delivered a healthy 7lb 15oz boy... Elijah
I was so active in my pregnancy... I had so much energy... rode my excercise bike until I gave birth! hiked, ect...
I gave birth Nov 21st

In December I was hospitalized for 4 days for mastitis & cellulitus of my right breast
I continued to breastfeed
I was also on morphine every 2 hours round the clock in the IV because my whole body was in extreme pain like i have never felt
I was given heavy antibiotics for about 3 months because the mastitus kept coming back... I went back t hree times the hospital 3 times...
I have had numerous doctors visits and blood work...

I never get anything out of the doctors except come back in 2 weeks...
"these are really weird symptoms"
"i wouldnt even know who to refer you to"

my bloodwork shows
low platelets
low white blood cell count (which is weird because I thought if I had a n infection the white blood cells would be high?)
low iron

my other symptoms are that my whole body hurts especially my legs ... my ankles are swollen a lot...
I feel disoriented... REALLY BAD SHORT TERM MEMORY loss
weird rash on my face for months! I had perfect skin

I am 5 foot 5 and weigh 125

Today I hurt so bad that I had to turn around 5 minutes into y walk with ds and come home...
i feel so out of it i dont even feel like i can drive
I am into natural things...
the only reason i took the antibiotics is because I was in the hospital and they said if i didnt take them they would have to remove my breast

I currently take
whole food multivitamin
hemp seed oil
and occasionally herbs to increase my breastmilk supply

PLease if you know of an herb or have any idea what is going on with me please let me know
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maybe fibermyalgia(sp?) or chronic fatigue syndrome? these are just wild guesses based on some of the symptoms being similar to what my MIL has. I would try i hear you can enter your symptoms over there and find a diagnosis sometimes.
Yikes! What a rough time you're having!

I don't have any specific ideas about what's going on for you,
but wanted to offer a

And suggest that an acupuncturist could be useful. I love mine! And she always has ideas about things when nobody else does. I end up telling her about all kinds of weird health things I have that I would never bother to tell an MD (they'd either laugh or roll their eyes inwardly...) cuz it actually helps her help me with not only the symptoms, but with the cause of the symptoms.

I'll bet someone else will have more specific ideas... good luck to you mama.
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Have they run to test for you ANA.. It sounds like you could have an auto immune problem.. I have one, and mine started to show up after my 2nd ds was born.. It's really common for auto immune problems to apprear after pregnancy..

I would ask them to run an ANA test if they haven't already.. Good luck

Warm Squishy Feelings..

oh and PS.. For my anemia I take Floradix.. It's really THE ONLY thing that has ever helped mine..

More Squishies..
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