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Can you help this woman?

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A woman on another board I frequent posted this plea for help. I thought of you ladies right away. (I got her permission to post this)
Any thoughts? I don't think she is very crunchy, but she is desperate.
Thank you so much!


Alright, I need some more opions =) my son Kameron has the WORST skin ever I cant even count how many times I have taken him to the emergency room for spider bites ( a brown recluse once bite him) cysts and boils on his stomach, impetigo while he had chicken pox oh and he had chicken pox twice lol and !!!!! he has the dryest, worst skin ever!! My pediatrician isnt really all there in my opinion but I love the nurses and the staff so of course I keep going there ( how many offices fit you in a the drop of a pin right?) any he say's its just dry and really there isnt anything I can do about it, which is part true since we have treated water for the well.My ?? is Ive tried everything, and right now the only thing I use is avenno which works good but If I can find something else something that I dont have to apply 4 or 5 times a day that would be great so if anyone know please let me know I would greatly appreciate it =)
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My son has had severe skin problems as well. He is no 6 yrs old and still has the problem, but not as bad because I have learned how to control it. There are alot of medications that require perscriptions, but there are bad side effects and dangers, one he had used causes thin skin and ruptured blood vessels, another they recently found that he had used causes skin cancer with prolonged use. The aveeno line works better than any perscription or anything else I have tried, unfortunately you have to keep up with it to get it to work. I have put lotion on my sons skin every day 3times a day for 6 years,( his started when he was 2 weeks old). I use the oatmeal bath every other day, (he cant get a bath every day b/c it dries out his skin so bad that he scratches until he bleeds, then cries because the lotion stings). three times a day I put aveeno excema lotion on, and on real bad places I use aveeno excema ointment 2x a day until it lets up then I only use that when I need to. I understand where you are coming from, he used to cry every night because he itched so bad and it hurt. but since I started using my aveeno remedy it is much better. I hope this advice helps.

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You might have her check out the "healing the gut tribe" thread seems like most skin problems are related to diet and leaky gut syndrome. You can try posting your/her question there and see what response you get from the ladies there who have dealt with skin problems.
You can also try putting your son on daily cod liver oil (Carlson's lemon flavor or Nordic Naturals orange flavor) are the two brands I recommend. This will work on this skin from the inside out. It might take a month before you start noticing a difference.
If you have chlorine in your water, use the Vitamin C ball in his bath tub. It neutralizes the chlorine.

Don't vaccinate him. Some vaccines can really cause skin problems and be the cause in the first place.
cysts and boils on his stomach
are they direct front or more on the flank? dh has brutal issues there's a name for it with his sweat glands, if he sweats and hasn't sweated in a week they can back up and create the nastiest boils, hot oozing nasty looking things...

dry skin, I'd try exfoliating in the bath at night and fish oils in the diet.
I have dry skin too, putting cream on does little you have to start from the inside. As well think about clothing like wool that won't take oil and moisture from the body like cottons will. You also might want to try a little lanolin in the bath.

Also for the boils vitamin c in the diet would help keep the immune system up.
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