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Can you measure your firefly?

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For me?
I've never trusted the measurements on the site and I just got my medium yesterday (enormous).. I swear it must be a large! :LOL So if you have a medium (or a large) would do me the world's biggest favor and measure the rise and waist on the smallest setting? I would love you forever!!!
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Hey Jenn, the rise on my medium is 16inches and the waist on the smallest setting is 141/2. HTH! What are the measurements on yours? Are they even close to being the same as mine? If it's a true medium and it's too big it can come live with me
. There's always room for another FF!

ETA: The one I measured is organic cotton, which is actually larger than my hemp ones,
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My ds has a large hemp. I measured it laying flat and not on baby. I'm getting 17 inches for the rise and 16-17 inches on smallest setting around the waist. this diaper has been used for 6 months so it may be different after it's been pre-washed and dryed(hemp shrinks a ton!).
Ok - Mine is "unshrunk" still new and very soft for organic cotton! It's rise is 18 1/2 inches!
And the waist is 14 inches.. so thanks to the waist measurments I guess we'll call it a medium! lol So... perhaps I should wash it! :LOL
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Originally Posted by DreamingMama
No, I sold them all over 6 months ago. LOL!

And I'll be a washing Angelica!
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