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Can you put pants over wool?

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Dumb question I know. I dont remember having this problem with DS but my daughter cant wear wool without it seeping onto her pants (not like sopping but it makes her pants damp.) ALL of our wool.....we have lots...soakers, merino wool, all of it. I have lanolized it all.....I dont get it. LOL
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Well our issue is not wicking but size. We definitely can't do soakers but our one trim Luxe cover can go under pants. Maybe you just have a supersoaker baby and need more absorbency under the wool????

Yes, what diaper are you using underneath?

If it's compression wicking, I recommend trying a MaiMaiBB cover.

I've never had a problem putting pants over wool.
I have lots of different fitteds for underneath.....lizs, crickets, KHW, sugarpeas, hemp PFs, regular PFs, etc......but I think its compression wicking (granted even without pants it still feels a tad damp after a really short time. That's the weird part. I can see that happening overnight or during a nap but not after an hour, yk? Maybe she is a super soaker! LOL I'm gonna look into the MaiMai cover.....thanks!
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