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Can you refill the Swiffer stuff yourself????

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Now that ds is crawling, and we have animals, I am very intrigued by the Swiffer Wet Jet. It comes with cleaning solution, I planned on using that up, and filling it with vinegar and water. I was looking at it at the store though, and it looks like that might be impossible with that container. It wouldn't surprise me if they made it so you have to continue buying the refills.
Has anyone refilled it with any success??
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I think the Clorox one you can refill. Not the Swiffer though. Oh and you can use preemie prefolds for pads too!
Nope, not the Swiffer one. I thougt the same thing but ended up tossing it in the end. Now I just use my regular Swiffer with some dishcloths and I spray the floor before using it, works the same and much cheaper.
I spray a microfiber towel with a Shaklee solution and use it with the regular swiffer.
I've been planning on drilling a hole in the swiffer solution bottle. then plugging it with a rubber stopper. that way I can use my own solution.

But I haven't gotten around to it yet. So I can't tell you if it works.
Ah, so of course they made it so the refills would have to be purchased. Glad I didn't buy it, I would have been annoyed.
I do have a regular swiffer packed away somewhere, will just use that and a spray bottle. Great idea about the prefold.
Thanks ladies!
I have the Mr. Clean one and you can refill the bottle on that one.
Another vote for the Clorox mop. I refill it with half-and-half vinegar and water, and I use cleaning rags instead of their pads.
Here are two links showing how to make the swiffer refillable. But if you don't own one now, I would buy the brands mentioned that can be refilled.
We have the Clorox mop and it is very easy to refill with whatever we want to use.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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