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My dd is now 8 yrs, so it's been a long time since I was pregnant. Oh, but I REMEMBER the nausea. For me, it was morning, noon and night sickness. At the peak of it, I would throw up ten times a day.

Crystalized ginger was good (Whole Foods has it). Also, having plain rice already cooked in the refrigerator was a life saver. That way, if I actually experienced hunger, I could, Quick!, eat something nutritious and bland, before the hunger progressed to nausea. I would also cook beans, so I could have rice & beans if I wanted. But usually just rice.

Certain smells could make me worse or better. You might go try different aromas at a health food store - like different essential oils. Don't necessarily put them on you - just where you can smell them.

Strangely enough, eating out helped. I didn't have to smell things cooking, I suppose.

Looking back, I wonder how I made it. I'd rather go through labor again!

My midwife told me that it usually lessens by about the 16th week. And on one morning of my 16th week, I woke up, and the nausea had just...lifted! I wonder now if she was really just planting a suggestion that I accepted and so it happened.

Good luck! And hang in there! It will eventually pass.

(This was my first time to post on this board. It's been so long since my pregnancy, that I usually don't feel I have anything to offer, or that I've forgotten how it was. But, like I said, I really, really remember the unending nausea.)
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