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I still have a box of gingersnap cookies in my car, a baggy full of them in my desk at work, and some more here at home. You can even stick some in your purse or pocket so they are ready when it starts to hit. They always helped to settle my stomache. I haven't had to munch on them much in the past couple months, but now (6wks to go) I feel fine most of the time.

Now when I do get sick, it is from brushing my teeth or a smell or something as minor as wiping my dd's runny nose. It hits hard and fast and there is NOTHING anything could to do stop it. I run to the nearest sink and do my preggo thing and then I feel fine again. I just go on with my day. It is much easier to deal with when it last 90 seconds instead of several hours worth.

Good Luck and I hope it eases up soon. Just remember, you won't be pregnant forever!! Eventually that baby has to come out and this has to go away!!!

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