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peppermint and ginger teas worked wonders for me, and saltines when nothing else would stay down.
Celestial seasonings make a Tummy Tamer tea that has peppermint and chamomile, since you've said that works for you.

I know this won't be popular on MDC, but: As a last resort, if you are losing weight quickly or dehydrating, you can take ½ a Unisom at bedtime and it should control your nausea throughout the night and most of the next day. You can read up on it online/ talk to your Dr. Many western MD types recommend it, but it may not gel with you, personally. It's usually taken in combo with B6, which is also great for the skin, in case you're getting those first trimester pimples.
I only started taking it after I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks, and I used it when nothing else was working.
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