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Different things helped in my last two pregnancies.

My first pregnancy, anything ice cold and icy/slushy felt great. I remember eating a lot of forzen raspberries, and could only drink ice cold water (normally I drink it room temp, but that made me gag). Anything creamy made me want to barf - I thought I was the only pregnant woman who couldn't stand ice cream. I ate a lot of sorbet though - real icy sorbet, not creamy faux sorbet.

This pregnancy, different things felt good. For awhile, I had Ricola herbal cough drops with me at all times, because they felt soooo good on my stomach. Then it was sour candy - for some reason the really strong sweet/sour of it helped take away some of the nausea.

Mint also worked well both times, especially mint tea or Altoids.

Definitely eat what you are craving (unless healthwise it's really getting out of control) - I could absolutely not eat something unless I really wanted it. I figured as long as my overall diet was healthy (and if not, then I had prenatals as backup), then if one night all I could stand to eat was potato chips dipped in plain sour cream (that actually happened), then so be it.

Speaking of prenatals, sometimes those will really make you sick. My first pregnancy I switched brands and then felt fine. This pregnancy I just didn't take them for awhile, then when I started feeling better they were fine.

Hang in there - I absolutely hated dealing with nausea (I'd rather give birth!), but it did end right at around 3 months both times.
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