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Here's what has worked for me:

making sure I eat at least a few bites of something at least every 2 hours when awake (until just recently, my stomach's "empty" signal was totally different than what it had been pre-pregnancy, so waiting until I felt hungry was not working!)

eating at least a few bites the moment I first wake up. I keep pretzels in a plastic box next to the bed.

not drinking too much water first thing in the morning; a dry mouth can be relieved by holding and swishing a small mouthful of water before swallowing

eating ASAP after vomiting

keeping cooked rice in the fridge for easy reheating. During severe nausea, I put just a sprinkle of soy sauce and sprinkle of sugar on it. Other times, I use seaweed/sesame seed/dried egg sprinkles from the Asian grocery--high in protein and one of the most appetizing foods for me right now!

brushing teeth frequently but NOT BRUSHING TONGUE except at least-queasy time of day

not cooking on an empty stomach--I nibble a dried apricot or two as I start cooking

not cooking much at all--now's the time to indulge in frozen foods, restaurants, and asking partner to cook!

responding ASAP to any specific food craving

not eating something I don't feel like eating just because it's about to go bad if I don't, it's cheap, etc.

eating a little less at a sitting than normal--bring a storage container to a restaurant and take the rest home for later

having 2 or 3 snacks, interspersed with naps, in the morning and 3 full meals (plus more snacks!) later in the day

avoiding bending over from the waist or sitting up from lying on my back (roll to side first)

ramen noodles when recovering from dehydration--I know, they are not the healthiest food, but I love them and they force/allow me to drink a LOT of water! Also, I seem to need the salt when dehydrated.
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