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s to you mama!

I had nausea for the first 5 months of my pg. It was terrible. I literally could
not stand the smell of ANYTHING cooking in my house. We ate out A LOT, esp.
at the nearby natural foods store.

I found that I could stomach liquid foods but not "solid" or chunky foods, so I
ate a LOT of soups. I also had 2-3 stonyfield farms yogurt smoothies a day.

I also found that there was a specific "time" during the day when I wouldn't
get sick (for me, it was 9-noon everyday) so I would just line up the soups
and smoothies and just eat, eat, eat during that time (this is also when I took
the prenatal vitamin--the only time of day I could stand it).

One drink that really helped me was Constant Comment decaf tea. I loved
the smell and somehow the warmth of the tea calmed me and made me feel
a little stronger. I had this for breakfast. Sad, I know.

Also wanted to mention that just because YOU'RE losing weight doesn't mean
that your baby is in danger. I lost weight for the first 3 months, plateaued (sp?)
in the next 2 months, and gained 18 pounds in the last 4 months, and ds was
still a healthy 8 lb 2 oz at birth.

Good luck!
Priya :)
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