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Peppermint is very good for tummy ailments. Try peppermint tea, that can help. I would second the ginger - try it crystalized, some health food stores have it as a syrup you can add to hot water for ginger tea or get ginger ale (not just soda - try a health food store or natural food store; you want ginger ale made with real ginger). I've had friends have really good luck with papaya extract, although it didn't do much for me.

My best advice, if possible, is to see if something specific is triggering it. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. For a lot of women it's smells - avoid them. Or being too hungry - nibble all day. See if something specific is setting you off. With my first I had to nibble all day and couldn't go into the meat section at the grocery store or cook raw meat - the smell.

Good luck.
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