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Can you stand one more Crock Pot thread?

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Ok, so don't answer that! :LOL

It seems that i have bad crock pot luck, while my coworker is still using the one she bought 15 years ago. The one i have now is a 5.5 qt Rival. Oval shaped with high, low and warm settings. No timer or anything like that. Its on its way out. Sometimes it cooks the food, sometimes it doesnt

I saw a rectangle 6 qt one by Hamilton Beach, with a non stick surface. Do any of the mamas here have one, and if so, do you like it or hate it?

I saw the rival stainless steel one, and remember a mom here stating it got very hot.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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I don't think I'll be a lot of help, but I'm replying anyway.

I don't have the crockpot of which you speak, but I've had good luck with two basic models -- one a smaller capacity, with no high/low setting -- it's just on or off. And a larger, old-school crockpot that we got for $2 at a jumble sale, with no lid (we just use a regular pot lid). Both work beautifully for my purposes -- which is mostly cooking beans and meat, as well as the occasional pot of soup. I don't do a lot of meals in the crockpot, just components thereof (with the exception of soup). So these aren't things that really stick, kwim? If I were doing, say, mac-n-cheese or desserts or eggs, I might want a non-stick one, but I think for basic purposes a regular one (sprayed with cooking spray, or rubbed with butter/olive oil) would do fine. The only feature I'd like, and don't have, is the removeable crock so you can d/w it or just soak/scrub it without the cord flopping out of the sink.

So I guess the first thing to consider is what kind of foods you'll be making? You might be able to get away with a more basic model if it's going to be the occasional soup or pot roast. If you're going to be depending on it for everyday cooking, or more "exotic" foods, you'll want some more bells and whistles.

Good luck!
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I have tried a new nonstick one and prefer the old "vintage" ones better. The nonstick one even left a gap between the lid and the bowl!!

Originally Posted by findingMYway
I have tried a new nonstick one and prefer the old "vintage" ones better. The nonstick one even left a gap between the lid and the bowl!!
My other "vintage" crock pot did the same thing....and some fluid would "spit" out of this "gap"! Weird, and annoying as my stew would dry out and i couldnt leave the pot alone. I got rid of it, and got the one i have now.

I will pass on the non stick one then.

VK, I cook soups, stews, roasts, chicken, that sort of thing. I have never made a dessert, and the one time i made a breakfast casserole, it sucked!

I like the look of the stainless steel one, but i heard it gets very hot to the touch. I am thinking of getting the one with the timer.
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Originally Posted by sweetbaby3
I am thinking of getting the one with the timer.
Oooh, now a timer would be nice, too!

Let us know what you end up with, eh?

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i want a new one too, and came here (to this subforum, that is) to ask about cooking different kinds of rice (brown, basmati ...) in a crockpot.

but anyway, i went to epinions and the verdict, from them anyway, is quite clear. there were like 57 or so positive reviews of the hamilton beach 7qt oval slow cooker. it looks good to me. i figure i'll probably get one for my husband for his birthday. just kidding. but it is the one i currently plan to get.
I didnt know they made a 7 qt!!! Do you know where to find one? The largest I have seen is 6 quarts.

I've never made rice in the crockpot. Or any recipe that calls for it. Hmmmmm....i should look for the thread....
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