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Can you still sleep on your stomach?

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I think last night was the last timefor me. My utereus (SP) is so sore if I put any pressure on it. I love to sleep on my tummy. I remember with my first preg I had to sleep on my back right away. When I sleep on my back my arms and hands become numb. I hate that. I was just wondering if any of you mamas were having the same problem.
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Christi, I'm a stomach sleeper also, but I haven't had any problems as yet. I worry about what I'll do when I get larger, though. I think I'll have to be a side sleeper with a pillow between my knees. I actually don't think I have ever fallen asleep lying on my back, so this will certainly be interesting.

Good luck and let me know if you find some workable solution that I may need to borrow from you later!
I've been tossing and turning all night, every night, since I got pg. I just can't seem to get comfortable!

The most comfy position to sleep is on my stomach, with my arms under me, but that only lasts until my arms/hands fall asleep and then I'm MISERABLE and awake again.

I think I'll be getting a big body pillow soon...

Originally Posted by LianneM
I've been tossing and turning all night, every night, since I got pg. I just can't seem to get comfortable!

I think I'll be getting a big body pillow soon...

Me too! I haven't had a good night's sleep in several weeks. I think a body pillow would be a worthwhile investment.

Tracie (who already feels too huge to share a queensize bed with dh)
I bought a Maternity Air Bed shortly after my dd was born (when I discovered them!) and I know I will get a lot of use out of it during this pregnancy. For now, yes I can still lay and sleep on my stomach, but if my bladder is full I cannot (it pushes my uterus up).
What is a maternity air bed? Is it something you put on the floor? Does it have a hole in is so you can sleep on your tummy when you get bigger? I'm having bad back pain every night also. Not a good way to start a pregnancy. I'd love to know more info.
I got something for my last pregnancy which was a lifesaver. It's called a Snoogle. (No, I didn't make up the name.) It is really really REALLY comfortable and helped me sleep better when all I wanted to do was curl up on my belly. Yes, it's big, but IMO that's why it worked.


I keep joking with dh that he better watch out or I'm going to bring out my snoogle early! lol We have a running joke that I should dress my snoogle in men's pajamas or something.
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For the last year or so, I've been a back/side sleeper. But when I'm pregnant, for some reason, I LOVE to sleep on my tummy. I do it until the bump gets in the way

I don't get a tender uterus - gentle pressure on it has always felt good to me, so that's probably why I'm on my tummy for so long
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I have one of those Snoogles that I used last pregnancy. I have no idea where I put it, though, so I'll have to search the house to see if we still actually have it here. I'm not sure how I will fit that into the bed with the toddler and dh. Maybe dh can move out to a couch
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