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Can you strip diapers with warm water?

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So all of a sudden out of nowhere, my diapers stink. I mean SUPER STINK!! This morning I had to get out of bed cause Ella's diaper stunk so bad it was making me sick. And underneath a wool smelled like a stinky wet dog (or sheep
) was in our bed. Anyway, i'm thinking it's time to strip the diapers. My normal wash routine is dunk the poopy ones then throw them all in a cold wash with 1/8 cup of Sun detergent, then another wash on warm with no detergent. This usually works well and i dont have many stains--if i do, 20 min. in the sun takes them right out. My washer doesnt have a "hot" cycle, its either cold or luke warm. And my water heater is set on a high temp. So is it possible to strip diapers without hot water
: I'm guessing no, if so what would you do?

FYI: the smell is ammonia, not poopy smell.
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EEEWWW I hate the wet sheep/dog smell from wool!!! Its even worse when you're felting a huge yardage, stinks up the whole room if not the whole house :LOL

I would try washing on your "warm" setting several times, the first with laundry soap, and then the second with just calgon?, then maybe another wash on warm just incase? I"m not totally sure but it seems that warm would certainly be better than just cold. If that doesn't work can you take all the clean dipes to a laundry mat and wash them on hot there?
Depending on the diapers you use you can:

handwash with dish soap, quick and less water waste, works best on pockets and covers

boil if there is no PUL and no plastic snaps

boil hot water and add to you washer

don't add a bunch of "stuff" to strip always try with just water, you are trying to remove build up and sometimes by adding something that is supposed to help remove the build up you will have the completely opposite effect.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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