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Can you suddenly stop having AFwhile BF?

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DS is 11 months old and I have been havin a very regular AF since he was 7 weeks old, except this past month. I can't remember exactly when I had one last but I know I am late. I work at a hospital and I had them do a blood pregnacy test the other day and it came back negative. I still haven't started and I'm sort of wiggin' out. I had a blood test with DS and it came back negative and I found out later I was 3 weeks preggo when the test was done. So....I just wonder if you can be regular and then become irregular at any point while BF. Thanks
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I know with me, sometimes my cycles are just about regular, sometimes they are totally off! My ds is 2 years and 4 months, so I would think that he has gone through lots of growth spurts (lol) and at times would nurse more than usual. It SEEMS that during those times, my periods turn up irregular. So, maybe it is just that your baby has been nursing more often recently. I would also just take another test soon...just to be sure though
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This happened to me when my oldest was about 9mo- I first got AF back around 4m pp. She'd been nursing a lot more than usual and I thought "wow! lactarional amenorhea came back from her extra nursing! I think I'll write to Sheila Kippley about this!" But I decided to take a pg test first, just in case. It was positive.
My girls are 16.5m apart and I tandem nursed them for over a year.
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Well, AF still hasn't visited and I have taken a blood and urine test and they are both negative so I guess I am just out of wack, I don't know. I am just praying those test were correct because I don't want to be pregnant now.
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