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Can you use homemade laundry soap in an HE machine?

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Can you use homemade laundry soap in an High Effeciency front loader machine?

Are there any organic (7th gen, etc.) brand soaps for HE machines?

If I wanted to use my 7th gen liquid in an HE front loader, how much less
should I use?
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I want to know, too. There was a rumor on the diapering board that 7th gen is coming out with a HE formula.
bumping bc i have a front loader and want to switch off of tide.
Down with Proctor and Gamble products lol !
I don't see why not. The HE detergent is just low sudsing which natural detergent already is. I've always used Trader Joe's - Cleanliness is Next to Godliness or 7th Generation in my HE and never had a problem. When we bought ours the sales person said any natural detergent is fine. We have the Kenmore Brand.

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