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I have two Britax Marathons currently in use by my almost 6 year old daughter (43 inches, maybe 40lbs.) and my 4 year old boy (42 inches and 38 lbs.). My 2 year old is in a Graco Cargo. My 9 month old is in a RF Britax Roundabout.<br><br>
The Roundabout has two issues - it only rear faces (at least in Canada) to a very low height limit (as per the stickers on the car seat). And, it is soon to be 6 years old so will be taken out of use by its expiry. (So sad, great seat.)<br><br>
So, will switch him to a RF Marathon. My 2 Marathons were made in March '03 and in November '05 - and have very different stickers. I thik I bought them at the same store in Toronto so am a bit baffled. The '03 seat says RF to 37 inches and 33lbs. and the '05 says 33 inches and 30 lbs. I am not worried about the weight issue (my kiddos are light weights) but the height will be an issue if it is 33 inches RF. Was there a restickering of Britax Marathons that occured? (I guess I will recheck their website ... I am on their mail-outs but don't remember getting a notice.)<br><br>
Question ... RF Roundabout - I think its height limit is really low in Canada (and might be really close to it now). I vaguely think it was 28 inches or 30 inches. However my son is still very small in the seat. Do I listen to the height limits or just go by the babe's fit. My kiddos are torso children but still very small in the seat.<br><br>
Also - as I was moving seats in the minivan around today, I noted my RF Roundabout is on a 'lean'. It doesn't move one little bit. It leans towards the seat belt connector (not the wall connector). Have I put my seat in too tight. It also might be caused by my teethering - slightly off centered (only place to teether is part of the front seat 'rails' (not to the moveable seat but a solid metal plate in the floor). Have I teethered it too tightly? I think I will take it out and start again but was wondering if I should be aiming for a very straight, teethered RF Roundabout in the seat. MY FF are nice and straight so not sure why the issues with the RF.
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