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Just an update to this:

"Brief Background on the attempt to cast thousands of fraudulent "Yes" votes

Late on the night of Friday, June 17, a robot voting program attacked this Web site. This robot began to cast thousands of fraudulent "Yes" votes to the referendum.

It was easy to determine that these were fraudulent votes because all were "voted" by the robot using variations of just a few Hotmail e-mail accounts as well as by the huge volume coming in per hour. About 4,000 of these fraudulent "Yes" votes were registered before all voting was suspended. These fraudulent votes have been eliminated from the database. In the eight days that the referendum was posted before this attack more than 100,000 legitimate votes had been cast, with "Nos" in the majority by about a 3:1 margin."

The e-mail that I got said that legitimate votes might have been deleted as well by mistake, so I decided to recast my vote, since I'm assuming that any legitimate votes that might have been deleted would have been yes votes, not no votes! It's still about 2:1 for no. Anyone who hasn't voted, why don't you? I honestly don't believe that Canadians are 2:1 AGAINST same equal marriage rights for all.
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