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Originally Posted by Pam_and_Abigail
As far as I know, most provinces allow gay unions, this is about changing the legal definition of the word marriage. They (correct me if I'm wrong) have a lot of the same rights as hetero couples already?
Good point about giving out info... hadn't thought about it
Actually no they don't. They have some of the same rights but many others are denied to them daily. My sister and her partner have a child. He is the biological child of my sister's partner but until my sister legally adopts him she has no standing as his mother.

Of course I am in Ontario where it already is legal for gays to marry...but they "don't feel ready" for marriage (and I take serious issue with the idea of having a child with someone with whom you aren't prepared to marry...but that isn't a gay/straight issue LOL..that is my issue

Anyway my take on it is that if marriage were merely a religious event there would be no such thing as civil marriages. I don't think it is right to single out a portion of society and deny them the right to marry. Plus honestly I *DO NOT* like that much of the rhetoric against gay marriage sounds a bit too close to what used to be said about inter-racial couples for my liking.

And the argument that denying gays the right to marry will keep them from having children....well that just defies logic since last I checked you didn't need a marriage certificate to have a baby (BTW not saying that anyone here has said any of this...these are just some of the arguments against gay marriage that I have heard).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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