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Cane sugar sodas

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We're not soda drinkers here at all; but, I buy it occasionally when we throw barbeques and other parties. Many soda brands make Kosher for Passover varieties of their sodas with cane sugar instead of HFCS. Ok, still doesn't make it good for you, but it's a degree or two better. Anyway, I always remember this after the fact and say, next year I'm going to stock up on cane sugar sodas for guests over the summer!... and every year I forget because I don't drink the stuff (bleck). Darn it, this year I'm remembering

So, I thought I'd remind everybody here as I'm sure there are a few soda drinkers, and more than a few who may not drink it but buy it for other people.

I just hope I can buy it in cans instead of 2 liter bottles... I hate putting out 2 liter bottles and having to throw away 3/4 of it after a party. Although... I have been wanting to collect bottles to use as cloches in next year's garden... hm...
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I just had one as a special treat for lunch.
It is Natural Brew Outrageous Ginger Ale, and it is nummy! It comes in galss bottles - I've never seen it in cans or 2 liters. HTH!
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I have occasionally bought that ginger brew for myself. I do like soda, I just find conventional soda to be fabulously creepy. So, on the rare occasion that I'm jonsing for SUGAR!!! I buy an organic soda
But, when I have family and some more mainstream friends over, they're all looking for the Coca Cola. Ugh...
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We, on rare occassion, get Switch. It doesn't even have cane juice, it's carbonated juice. They come in glass bottles, whatever the size of a beer bottle is.
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