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Canker sores in almost 4 year old

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DD#1 has 3 canker sores in her mouth and as a result is refusing to eat. And then everything spirals... I've never seen her like this before. She is whiny and threw quite a few tantrums (she's usually a very sweet girl). I'm giving her borax, echinachea + goldenseal, licorice root tea, acidophilus, swishing baking soda water... I searched the board and someone said to dab a little tto on the sore itself. My question is, is it painful? She's in enough pain already and I'd rather not cause more pain. We're on day 4 or 5. My canker sores only last about 3 days. Her sores seem to be getting bigger too. Please help...
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to you and your dd!
My family gets these from time to time. TTO doesn't hurt when you put it on the canker sore (thankfully). Another thing to try is red raspberry leaf tea. If your dd doesn't like to drink it, she can swish it and then spit. This really works! I don't remember where I heard about this remedy, but it is the one that works the best IMO. ANd believe me, I've tried them all!

Hope she is feeling better soon.
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The best advice I've ever gotten for canker sores is: "Drink lots and lots of cold water" I never thought it would work but it really does. I've been desperate enough to have them cauterized with silvernitrate (doesn't work & really HURTS!). Staying super hydrated helps keep you pH balanced which helps the sores heal. Being to acidic or basic makes them worst. The cold helps numb them some.

Be careful with what she eats- acidic and salty foods hurt! It seems silly to say but avoiding these things helps them heal.

In the future watch to see if she has trigger foods. Mine are citrus and chocolate. I have to brush or swish my mouth out with water after I have them. If I have them together. . watch out. My grandma's is tomatoes.

ouch! swishing with salt water is the only thing we have had to do for canker sores, but they do hurt. if they persist, eat mild foods. my middle child gets them if she eats anything with food dye in it. certain fruits cause them too, esp kiwi. my sister is the same way, can't go near a pineapple!

just so you know, hand foot and mouth (aka"hoof and mouth") disease will cause canker sores that get worse and last about 5-6 days. look for irritability, low grade temp and little tiny red dots on the hands, feet, and trunk. swishing with a weak slippery elm powder tea helps this very much, very soothing.
Some people who get chronic canker sores have a sensitivity to SLS (sodium Laureth or Lauryl Sulfate) in toothpastes.Even a lot of the common Health Food Store brands have it so you really have to read labels.My 17 yr old dd has suffered from canker sores on & off for years.I finally read about the SLS and tried a toothpast w/o it and she stopped getting them.She ran out and forgot to tell me and had a terrible breakout when she used the regular toothpaste.Hope this helps.Catherine
Thanks everyone for all your input. I'm trying to think if she's eating anything different... We've started her back on dairy products (she used to get little red bumps around her mouth when she eats dairy), so that might be causing it? She did have 2 slices of cheese a day or 2 before the canker sores. She is still complaining a lot today, but 1 of the sores is gone, 1 is a little better but the last one still seems pretty angry. This is really the first time she got 3 sores at the same time, and I can only remember having canker sores only 1 other time. I'll definitely watch her diet, check her toothpaste. I don't see any red spots on her limbs and trunk, so hopefully its not hand foot and mouth. But I'll keep that in mind too.

Its just so hard to see the little ones in pain. And thank you all for your suggestions.
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