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Canker sores???

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My dh just came home moaning and whining about a canker sore on his tongue. Anyone have any remedies for my big baby??
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Thanks a tough one. Sorry for him. A baking soda/hydrogen peroxide spread helps but not sure how it would work on the tongue. I've gotten them on the inside of my mouth but not usually the tongue. Also, avoid citric foods at all cost, makes them sting. Bummer thing is that there is not cure, you just have to wait it out and keep the mouth as clean as possible.

Good luck~
I just posted a thread about this last week. The twi things that really helped was taking a b complex vitamin, and swabbing it with tea tree oil. Good luck, those things are viciously painful!
Wheat grass juice has healed my canker sores, also healed warts.
my homeopathy book says

nit-ac if they are on the egdes of the tongue &
merc-s if they are on the tongue &
lyc if they are under the tongue.

you may also want to give him some zinc and L-lysene to help them not come back.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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