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Hi there everyone,<br><br>
we are supposed to be going to Cannon sometime around April next yr. ...Officialy we didnt hear anything yet *currently in Germany.<br><br>
My questions are:<br>
1. Does it really SUCK there? Everyone tells us the "last" place they would choose to go to is Cannon. (If nothing else i believe the weather must be NICE and hot there...?)<br><br>
2. How are the public schools there? (since there are no DODD Schools on base), can anyone gimme some feedback , i have 2 dtrs. ages 7 and 9.<br><br>
3. My most important question: I will be due then (3rd Kid) and I have never lived in the States before. How is the hospital in CAnnon, i already heard they dont do waterbirths (much to my dislike, i specifically am looking for a hospital wiht waterbirth AND rooming in).... I cant help but have the feeling that Cannon is some country area where ppl live like in some previous century. pls correct me if i am wrong... *smile<br><br>
I would REALLY appreciate any information on this place since there seems to be no other source to get it from. THANK U in advance!<br><br>
peace out<br>
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