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can't find hooked on phonics kindergarten math program on their website, do they not make one?

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So ds is just about ready to finisn up his pre-k learn to count hop program this week and i plan to take another week and review everything he's learned, and i've bought a hop kindergarten workbook, but checked their site and can't find a kindergarten program, I have already purchased the 1st grade level program when it was on sale, so do they not make a kindergarten program? I was really liking the program for ds, it is alien/space themed and he love's space, so I would have really liked to continue through 1st grade level with the same program, anyone know? If not, what is a good kindergarten math program that isn't too costly?

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i *think* HOP math is not sold by individual grade, but rather it covers K-2 (or K-3??), so you would buy one big box, ykwim? i'm not sure though, because i've only purchased their reading. you can also buy their workbooks which cover one grade only, and they're cheap and pretty good. however, i would NOT buy from their website. it is SOOOO much cheaper to buy from target ...or homeschoolclassifieds ...or amazon. anything but the HOP website. here's what i found at amazon. hth!
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