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can't have a conversation w/dh

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OK tell me you have this issue too (and how to deal with it!)... anytime dh and I start to have a conversation about anything ds starts acting up, or shouting or singing at the top of his lungs, or saying 'mom, mom, MOM!!!' over and over again. Or he'll say 'stop talking!' I'm not talking about sometimes, I mean I can't remember the last time dh and I had a conversation about anything with ds in the room.

: I know, it's just a phase. How long does this last?
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No real advice, but commiseration here. My ds (3 years old) started out doing the same thing about a year ago, and now, he sometimes even hits one of us (if he's w/in striking distance) if we start a conversation in his presence. We have talked with him about how he should say, "Excuse me" if we are conversing and he would like to get our attention, but only rarely does he use those words. Usually, he wants our attention directed toward him for no specific reason. We tell him to wait one second, and we keep our conversations as brief as possible. That doesn't help you, I know...I'll read as people respond cuz I need help in this department!
Dd does this too. Sometimes, I say "I haven't seen papa all day, and I have something important to say to him. When I'm done then you can play with him too." or "I know you really want my attention right now, but I need to finish telling papa this story." Usually this works. I think acknowledging the fact that they want your attention is important, and then let 'em know what's really going to happen
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We're there too!
Drives me crazy sometimes! Worst is at dinner for us actually. Taylor talks non-stop about whatever pops into his head regardless of if we are listening let alone also talking. HE actually gave us an idea that is making things better [though we still go through this daily, uhg] ... he raises his hand!! So, we've started telling him to say excuse me [Once!] and then raise his hand and wait for us to acknowledge him. Drives us batty that he of course cant wait longer than a minute but that is better than the 5 seconds it was before. Often we tell him to raise his hand or say excuse me and then we look at each other literally say "blah blah blah" and then look at him and say "Oh Taylor what is it YOU'd like to say?" and let him get the chatter out of his system before we talk.

Frankly we have also installed a child proof door lock on the office door and when we want a moment alone we lock ourselves in the office. Sometimes it takes Taylor a whole 5 or 10 minutes to find us and started banging on the door.

Hugs!! I do hope this improves?!?!
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