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Can't stand waiting!!

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Ack! I just can't stand waiting.

I decided to take the plunge and get my stash going for little one due in September. Now, some $400 later, I have no diapers and it's killing me!

I have on order:

18 nanipoos NB fitteds
15 Tiny Tots Med (NB) fitteds
1 Loveybums NB fitted
3 Small FuzziBunz and 6 small MOE microterry inserts
12 Loveybums Med fitteds
3 Loveybums Med Covers
1 Happy Tushies wet bag and changing pad

I can't wait to see my fluff!

All I have in hand are 2 NB proraps and 3 Small BSWW that I picked up at a local store on Saturday.

I need to get something in the mail quick before I go broke ordering stuff!

And, of course, I'm still waiting on the baby! Still 3 months there. Hopefully the dipes will come sooner!
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I understand the wait!!

In fact, I just searched the USPS site and my Loveybums package (which she mailed on the 17th) finally left Massachusetts yesterday..... blech!!!

The mail can be torturous!!! I counted up and I'm expecting **14** packages!!!!
Wow! 14 packages! How exciting when they all show up...

That is what I am telling myself now during the tortuous wait, anyways.
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I hear ya sistah!!!! I have a ton on the way and am going INSANE waiting!

I need a new hobby til DH gets home in Sept.! (at which point I think TTC might become our hobby
: )
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