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Can't wait to get my advocacy tees

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I am hoping to get them before an event the week after next. I ordered the green baseball looking one and the I heart momma's milk from this site (I swear I ordered the made milk? one too)

Then I remembered the ones from this site

I ordere the "you're staring at my baby's lunch" I have wanted that one for a while.
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Those are great!

you're staring at my baby's lunch
Love that! :LOL
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I have a number of advocacy tees, one of which I recently ordered from Cafe Press. I find though that when I wear them, I feel like I'm always ready for a snide comment from someone or something else adversarial (sp?) happening. Anyone else ever feel the same?

I have only felt that way when wearing the one that says No Formula at my dd's parks and rec classes :LOL Otherwise I have only had people chuckle or make nice comments about them.
YAY! I got one of my orders today!!! Can't wait to wear them. hmmmm I am having a baby shower tomorrow....hehe!
I wore the green breastfeeders home team #1 shirt to my baby shower yesterday and no one really noticed that it was an advocacy tee. Which could be cool for someone who is nervous.

My one friend did comment that it should be #2 :LOL
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