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a couple of months ago ds had extensive dental work for which he received IV sedation. the front four teeth were capped/bonded as well as several in the back and a couple of them have pulpotomies. the other day i picked him up from school and noticed that the cap on his right eye tooth had come off!!! We took him into the dentist yesterday and she said that because of the nature of the injury, putting a cap back on would not work... the cap came off and his tooth underneath was sheared off at the gum line :( i suppose i have come to terms with this. what i AM wondering about is that his dentist recommended that we have the tooth extracted. i guess i'm wondering why. the tooth has had a pulpotomy, so i thought it was not in danger of getting a cavity.

her recommendation for the procedure is oral sedation, but it would be great if we could avoid another procedure!

does anyone have any insight?

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