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Car bomb kills anti-Syrian MP, 9 others in Beirut

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Yeesh, what else could gow wrong in the Middle East these days.....

"Lebanese anti-Syrian parliamentarian Walid Eido was killed on Wednesday, with at least nine other people, when a bomb ripped through his car in western Beirut, security sources said.

"One of Eido's sons was among the dead by the blast on Beirut's seafront which also wounded at least 11 other people, they said.

"Eido, 64, was a member of the majority anti-Syrian parliamentary bloc of Saad al-Hariri, which controls the Beirut government.


"Eido had been a vocal opponent of Syrian influence in Lebanon and an ally of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri before his assassination by a massive car bomb in February 2005.

"Eido was killed just three days after a U.N. Security Council resolution came into effect setting up an international tribunal into the Hariri assassination."

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We don't hear much yapping from Dubya Inc. about the "Cedar Revolution" these days now, do we.
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