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Originally posted by kerc
i don't know much about carseats....but our carseat safety guy recommends the cosco alpha omega.....he suggests it is the "only one you'll ever need" It can be: read facing, front facing with harness, front facing with seatbelt as a booster. And is generally on sale at target for about 90 bucks.
I got this one...but didn't start using it until ds was about 10 months old, it never looked comfortable as a infant seat as it never really reclined enough to look snuggy. So I had a infant carrier/carseat for the first 0-9/10 months.

I kept it rearfacing though, from 10-12 months. At a year he became front facing. Eventually I will change it to a toddler seat and then finally a booster seat. It seems to be working so far, it has a 5-point, detachable headrest, removable headrest for infants...all the cute lil doodad's you never thought you'd need.

I paid much more for mine, but I do live in Canada...and I think it cost $169 including taxes.
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