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We have a booster that has a 5 pt. harness and goes from 20-80 pounds. 20-40 with the 5 pt. harness and after that with a seat belt. That's for our 2.5 year old who is slightly under 30 pounds. She's very tall or I'd still have her in the combo seat rear-facing, but she outgrew it. We have the CostCo seat you are talking about and it should serve her well until she's outgrown carseats altogether.

For the new one in Feb. I'm going to get a 5 pt. harness infant seat because they really are the safest for a tiny newborn even though the combo seats will work too. When it outgrows that I'll get a combo seat and have it rear-facing as long as possible, then a booster for when it outgrows the combo.

I know, expensive. We are a single income not-rich family but in this area I don't mind spending more to ensure the safety of my kids. If you feel you can't afford the combo seat for your wee one, try asking the local firestation for help with that. Most states have programs to give out seats to those who have a hard time affording them.

Hope that helps!

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