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I am really confused about what to do and really need advice. Here is our situation. We have a 2.5 year old who is slightly over 30 pounds. We also have a 5 month old who will probably reach the 20 pound point within a couple of months. So, she will need a car seat change. Thus the dilemma. I am thoroughly confused as to what I should buy.

Since my toddler is not at the 40 pound requirement for the booster seat, it eliminates moving him to that. So i think my basic two options are:

(1) buy a toddler/booster seat for the 2 yo and put infant in his convertible? The problem with this is that I've been reading consumer reports and although they say that the toddler 5-point harness portion of these seats are okay, they are not recommended for use as a belt positioning seat when the child hits 40 lbs (the only exception was the Cosco Summit High Back Booster). So the disadvantage of doing this would be that I would basically be buying another toddler seat and it too would become useless to us when he does hit 40 pounds.

(2) buy a second convertible seat for either 2 yo or infant. Keep them both in convertibles. Deal with the whole booster thing later. This sounds the most safe but we do work on a very limited budget so I struggle with the economical side of it. I know that safety is much more important than money and if this is truly the best decision, we will do it, but I'm just wondering if it is.

Moreover, since we have basically decided that it is the best decision to put my ds in another 5 point harness car seat, is it better to buy a second convertible or to buy a toddler/booster combo but only use it with the 5 point harness until ds is 40 pounds? Bascially, is my 2.5 yo safest in a convertible seat (which I'm afraid he might outgrow head-wise???) or a toddler/booster seat, where they seems to be more room, but I'm not confident in the safety factor.

And my final question: what kind of time frame am I looking at until my ds (now 2.5 and about 31 pounds) outgrows the convertible and needs to go to a booster seat (40 pounds)? First baby so I have no clue!!!

Please give me some advice. I am so confused.

Thank you very much.

**edited to clarify questions**
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