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Car seat installation question

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DH just called around to find where we can get our car seat installation inspected. First baby, never done it before, etc.

They told him they wouldn't look at the second car, they would "teach us how to do it so that we can do it right ourselves"

Is this typical? I mean, I realize we need to know how to do it ourselves, but it's two different cars, and one is an infant seat, one is a convertible. It doesn't seem like the installation is that difficult, but otoh the one we have installed seems kinda shaky, not as secure as I'd like. I know some people here are certified to inspect these things. I'm not convinced it's realistic for them to teach DH in a half-hour everythign there is to know about carseats.

And then one reads statistics about how almost all carseats are installed wrong...

I mean, I'm not usually one for demanding that other people do things for me, but this is different.
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Child passenger safety technicians are usually volunteers. Yes, they should teach you how to install the seat in your car and not just do it for you. Every person who uses a child safety seat should learn how to install and use it properly. You should go too.
I have a CNM appt that day--it's the only time available. If I can change my appt I'll go.

I know we need to be able to do it concern is that there are two different kinds of seats in two different cars. I mean, they're going to teach him (us, if I can go) how to do the infant seat, but what about the convertible in the other car?
Try calling your local police or fire station.
The tech (if s/he is a good one) will show you the basics of how to get the proper install and you can go from there. Be sure to read your manuals.
For me the most difficult part was getting the belt pulled tight enough, so he showed me how to do that effectively and I went from there (for the infant bases). But I agree on 2 lessons for 2 kinds of seats because I went to the inspector initially when we had the infant carrier and then back again when she graduated to the convertible. Both times though it was difficult getting that belt as snug as it should be.
You will get much better information from someone who has taken the 40 hour class in the past year and most firemen only receive the most basic child passenger safety training.
They absolutely should check both seats and both cars. Yes, we teach you how to put your seat in, but generally we are teaching you for THAT seat and THAT car in case you have to take it out and put it back in etc. We like for parents to come in anytime they make a change in their seat, get a new one, go to ffing, different car, w/ grandparents etc. Yes, the principles are basically the same, but it can be different from car to car depending on LATCH, no LATCH, if you can even use LATCH in the middle, etc. You might check out for a certified person.

Originally Posted by thepeach80
You might check out for a certified person.
Hm, I checked there and the place we're going is listed. I wonder if we should just take the second car to a different place?

Come to think of it, we'll have to go to a different place for the second one. I'm due mid-May, we won't get the second car until after their April inspection day and their May inspection *is* my EDD. That's cutting it a bit close...
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