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Car Seat question

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I hope I have this in the right forum. We need to buy a new infant seat and since I am ordering online I need to order very soon. We allready know we are buying a Britax Companion. My question is about retailers. I've bought from BabyUniverse in the past and they were ok. I would buy from Target (online) but they only have one color and its' not the one we want. There are no other local retailers that carry Britax except for Target and they don't carry the companion except online. So are there aby other online car seat retailers that you've bought from and trust?
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We have bought two car seats (including a britax companion) from Albee Baby and we were happy with them.

The Companion is a very large infant car seat though, you might want to double check that it will really fit in your back seat, since some people have trouble fitting it there especially if they have other kids with car seats. Just thought I would mention that
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I drive a mini van so I am pretty sure it won't be a problem. My older two are in a Marathon and a Roundabout so I know Britax seats are bulky.
We got our Companion from USABaby. Don't know if there's one near you, but we've been VERY pleased with them. They only had a couple left when we went to get it (also not in the color we wanted... sigh) but they made us a VERY good deal because they wanted to move them.

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