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I am so sorry you are dealing with this. Since you have made such a strong foundation for your little boy, he may be able to tolerate a week at this center with no permanent harm done. But I can't imagine it would be good for either of you. Do you know anyone from work or church or socially who has kids in daycare? Maybe someone's trusted provider would be willing to stretch themselves to add another child for just one week. I agree that it sounds like your old caregiver is trying to take advantage of you, but is it worth considering paying her the *exorbitant* fee for just one week, so you can be at ease and know your child is in a safe, caring environment? Or is she too *tired* to provide that anymore, anyway. Is it possible for you to take him to work more during this last week? Or change hours so a working friend can look after him while you work in the evening? Or--if you have just a week left, can you stop working early due to this family emergency? I don't know if any of these ideas might be helpful to you, but I hope you figure out a solution that works for you and your son. It is very sad how good childcare is so difficult to find. Good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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