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I feel for you. My DS was kicked out of his daycare b.c the director thought that he should not nurse, not have an attachment item, and sleep better. She didn't like my opinions and she promptly kicked him out which left me with no daycare and a job. Just think, whatever happens this week, you will both make it through it. And then you have a while (or so it sounds, until Sept.?) to find a new place or person to watch over your DC. Some ideas for finding a new day care situation are if there is a college in the area, put an ad in the school newspaper or online for a babysitter. I don't know if this would be financially feasible for you. Babysitters charge such varying rates in different cities. Check with the public libraries to see if they have any resource magazines for parents that include schools/daycare providers. Is there a California Dept. of Children and Families. YOu should be able to do a search online. If so, they should have a resource directory, possibly online, for you to search for providers and check references, view inspection reports, find out if there have been complaints, etc. YOu may want to check with Head Start and Even Start programs if you are low-income. I have recently been in a few Head Start day cares (with my work) and they were immaculate with such wonderful wooden play areas, books galore, rugs and child sized couches for reading, home cooked (well, from scratch) foods, loving teachers. They were a lot nicer than any of the places I saw when i was looking for childcare for my DS. You can also do searches online for referral networks for chldcare. i know that when DS was kicked out of daycare recently, I searched high and low to figure out who I should complain to and through that search I found a few national places that could give me the phone # of a local organization who could then custom a daycare provider list for me based on zipcodes, age of child, full or part time, etc. Sorry i don't remember names. Good luck this week, whatever you do, and good luck finding someplace wonderful for the fall.
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