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thanks so much for your reading on my husband's business ventures.

now i'd like your read on my career path/calling. i'm hoping to stay home with my LO for a while, but when i do go back to work, i'm wondering what path to take. i have several options - one or combo of things i've already been doing or something completely different - and i'm curious if you see one or another as being more satisfying for me.


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I see from your siggy that one of the things you do is writing. I want to tell you that I feel very strongly about this one, in a good way. I sense there are things that have already been published of yours. That is great!

There will be more. Just to be clear though, I'm not seeing a book size type of writing. This feels to me like articles. I'm seeing magazine(s) specifically. Or potentially a newspaper. I feel there is a long term position opening up for you soon with a permanant writing feature for you. This is good and what you should focus on. The writing is where it is at for you. The other stuff feels mostly like static to me. Not necessarily in a negative way, although sometimes it just looks like it just adds stuff on for you to do. But I can also see it being enjoyable at times. Do what feels good, but always keep up with the writing for sure!

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