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Carnie Wilson in In Touch magazine!

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My sister passed along her In Touch June 20th issue along to me and I was browsing through it while my girls were watching Clifford. On the page where it lists the articles, there is a picture of Carnie Wilson nursing her new baby, Lola! It is such a sweet picture...they are sitting down and Carnie is looking down at her smiling and playing with her hand. The top half of her breast is exposed and Lola is lying on a boppy. In the article, she says she is losing her weight by breastfeeding and when they talk about her schedule with the baby it mentions bf'ing. It even talks about how she has to pull over in the car to feed the baby!

Way to go, Carnie!!
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Aww, how sweet! I'll have to flip through that the next time I go to the grocery store.
That is awesome.
Yay!! Love celeb BFing news..helps the cause.
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Ack - well, I was happy, until I actually SAW the article...someone please tell me WHY, in a feature on a new NURSING mom that when they have an inset describing her schedule and when she nurses, they put a picture of a BOTTLE along side that? Huh? Does that make any sense to anyone??

Sigh - I'm just so frustrated that the universal symbol for feeding a baby is a freaking bottle...even in an article about a breastfeeding mom....
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YAY for breastfeeding in the news!

(the bottle thing annoys me too. It must just be for "modesty" *snort* because it is a little socially unacceptable to have a picture of a boob... blah blah)
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it is a little socially unacceptable to have a picture of a boob... blah blah
Yeah, I get that...I just wish they'd skip the graphic altogether then, KWIM? It's just a random little pic stuck alongside that "schedule"'s superfluous stuff, but annoying. I think it's mostly that it's illogical that I'm annoyed.

PS Your picture in your siggy is beautiful!!!
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