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I can so totally relate! My 10 week old just really doesn't want to be in the sling. He will sit in sometimes for his dad, but for me, forget it. He wants to nurse, but is uncomfortable. He doesn't like to be all squished up while nursing.

You are right, it is difficult to go out and do anything. I have always relied on my sling and nursed in them, so now I feel "naked" carrying around a nursing baby who is not discreet at all! He doesn't like the shirt touching him or stuff around his head.

Plus he is a car-screamer! He is usually a very content happy baby at home, so I have been spending alot more time there! Since I have 4 other kids that need to go places, my husband and I have been tag-teaming, so at least I am getting out of the house every day, a necessity for my own sanity.

Good luck!
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