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carrycot infant - who has tried it?

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I found it first on ebay Germany (taking my anuual trip back home soon and preparing to do some babyshopping
). They also have this version

I don't want to fiddle with rings this time and like the design cause it's padded for the baby but not around the shoulder (hate that).

Whaddayathink, mamas?
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I have not tried this carrier, but if simplicity is what you are looking for a pouch would probably be easier to use, as well as more comfortable.
Uncomfortable for the wearer because the thin strap doesn't distribute the child's weight well, not a good fit for petite or large parents, the design puts a newborn in a chin to chest position which impairs breathing and oxygenation, hip carries the cord digs into the child's back plus the carrier isn't very secure.

In the CarryCot photos the buckle is sitting right on the models neck. OUCH!! That would really hurt.

A fitted or adjustable pouch would be so much more comfortable. Here are some listings from The Babywearer (I adore Hotslings

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Thanks for the input, you guys rock.
I will go with a fleece pouch this time then. Also not so bulky

Have to say though, those carrycots look way cool.
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