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FWIW, I'm not sure that the feet are the indicators of being too big for the Graco infant seat (or ANY seat).
It's where the ears hit. By height or where the ears hit is he too big?

As I say this, I will say that my guy was too long at 4+ months for his Graco...his torso was SO long! We switched him to a Roundabout (which we still have him in, still rear-facing until he hits the limit of 33 pounds unless we have to buy a Marathon due to his being so tall again) and have been very happy with it. Assuming it lasts him in height as long as it lasts him with weight, once he outweighs it we'll likely get some sort of 5 point or booster or something...I haven't researched ahead since I don't know how he's going to grow!

Anyway, we bought a Cosco Scenera for DH's car, and that is rear-facing then goes to forward-facing, and I think it would be OK for a 6 month old. It's not too much money, either, which would mean you could make the big decisions for future seats later, without regretting buying an expensive "for now" carseat.

But I must also say that we WANT to have as many versions of carseats as possible, as we plan on having more and want options for those kids. So we can use the Graco infant seat for the next infant, then as Eamon switches into something else that baby can have the Roundabout, and so on...we prefer to buy the seats now rather than a year from now.
If you aren't planning more, that sort of thing might not work for you LOL.
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