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I have a very big 6 month old in a pop out graco bucket seat now, but his little feet are starting to hang over the edge, and it's time to move him to a new seat. We have a 2 year old in a forward facing toddler seat and I am trying to figure out if we should just ge ta 5-pt harness seat that is able to convert to a car-seatbelt using booster for way down the road. It'd save us one more useless carseat when the time comes. Do any of you know what some brands are that make a 5-pt convertible that later can be turned into a booster that uses the car belts?

I know britax makes one but I think it's over $200, and that's just too much.... but do any other brands make one like this?
((if you know approximate prices, that'd help me too...))
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