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Carseat questions

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I'm looking to buy a new converitble car seat for Journey as he's getting to long for his infant seat. I keep hearing Britax is best, and found this and am slightly confused. Is it a Britax, really?

Anyone know if it'd be a good choice? It's a lot less then most Britax seats. Can't find much info on it, it's new this year.
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It is a Britax, but sort of a stripped down model compared to the Marathon/Decathlon/Boulevard. The Safe Voyage only goes to 55 pounds, not 65, doesn't have the rubber HUGS, and doesn't tether rearfacing. Other than that it is supposed to be virtually identical and should be a good choice, but because it's so new there isn't enough info on actual use yet.
This is actually a Fisher Price seat, but was made in cooperaton w/ Britax. The pp was correct in everything she said. People are actually saying the 55# limit is actually more correct for the strap slot height. If you can't afford a Britax, this is one of the seats that is now reccomended. This and the Sunshine Kids Radian both are convertibles w/ higher weight limits.
We just bought the Britax Marathon and I love it. The features that are missing on the car seat shown are the reasons I love mine.
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